Heads up. In addition to the typical application stuff that you’ll fill out below, you will play the role of superhero, defeater of evil. 

Or, in this case, defeater of advertising’s most terrifying arch villain, “Captain Complacency.” He’s perfectly happy with the way things are. He aims to spread status quo while resting on his laurels. And while he has achieved the rank of captain, he never rocks the boat. It is up to you and you alone to defeat Captain Complacency. 


ART DIRECTORS: Show us some artwork for the superhero you believe can defeat Captain Complacency. What tools does he or she need? What are his or her super powers?

COPYWRITERS: Write about the superhero you think can defeat Captain Complacency. Where did they come from? Who else have they defeated? Include an account of their epic battle with Captain Complacency if you like.

EXPERIENCE DESIGNER: Imagine a superhero with multi-pronged methods and opportunities to change Captain Complacency's behavior. Illustrate a day in the life of Captain Complacency on his path towards defeat OR Imagine a product or tool that would vanquish complacency, once and for all. Show how it works.

PROJECT MANAGER: Write an email to your team members charting out a plan of action to defeat Captain Complacency. Who do you need in your super squad to get the job done and what do they need to accomplish?

CULTURAL STRATEGIST: Write a brief showing your strategy for defeating Captain Complacency. What insight into this super menace led you to your plan for their ultimate defeat?

ACCOUNT LEADER: Craft an email to Captain Complacency himself and convince him, the way you’d convince a client, that a more forward-looking way of doing things is preferable.

If you have any questions about the application process, email or call Marty at 804.698.8428

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