Regardless of discipline, your main job at The Martin Agency Kitchen will be to reflect “now.” That means delivering new, culturally relevant perspectives and ideas that none of the big shots currently working here would come close to considering. You should simultaneously excite us and make us nervous that you’re coming for our jobs.

Art Director

Not only can you come up with attention-grabbing concepts, but you can bring them to life visually with top-notch design. Your work looks award-winning, but the ideas, strategy and insights behind them are even more praiseworthy. You make your writing partner’s words look even better and give experience designers a visual edge.


You can come up with killer concepts and then bring them to life with great writing on everything from T-shirts to tweets to heart-stirring manifestos. While your words are highly crafted, the ideas, strategy and insights behind them are what really stand out. You take your art director’s visuals to another level and help experience designers find the words to make their vision visionary.

Experience Designer

As an experience designer, you love tackling the tough problems. You are a storyteller with empathy for your audience. You thrive when collaborating with a team to turn concepts and ideas into products and experiences that people love. Your toolkit is scrappy and varied, from sketching to making usable prototypes.

Project Manager

You can juggle a bajillion balls at once and make sure everyone else on your team is getting their juggling done as well. You are self-motivated yet collaborative with exceptional time management, communication and problem-solving skills. You'll not only manage your fellow Kitcheners, but all of the Kitchen projects, final deliverables and deadlines.  

Cultural Strategist

You’re a maker, thinker, investigator and storyteller. You’re curious about people, culture and brands, and crafty about how you bring what you learn to life. You’re no stranger to a killer Keynote presentation, get down and dirty to cut videos, and can make whatever you need to get the best creative product out of your team.

Account Leader

You’re a fast-learning jack-of-all-trades with a broad background. In this role, you’ll quickly become an expert in your client’s business. You’ll think through business solutions, field feedback and collaborate with everyone from strategy to creative to production. As the leader of the account you’ll need to know how to support and leverage everyone’s unique skills to help the whole team deliver.